Operating hours: From Holy Week Until End October. Daily (9:30 – 00:30)

About Us

More Information About Us and the Restaurant! :

Giorgos and Cindy met on the island of Poros in 1988.  Cindy is from Eindhoven in Holland and had come to the island to help her father with the restaurant he had opened on the island in 1987.  Giorgos was born on the island of Poros and was working at the time in his father’s restaurant.

It was love at first sight, and a year later, Cindy had already forgotten about helping her father and started work in Giorgos’ family restaurant…..They got married in 1992 and now have three beautiful children – Giannis, Aristea and Zoe.  They started their own restaurant ‘Poseidon Taverna’ in 1999.  Giorgos takes cares of customer service at the tables, welcoming the diners and taking care of the orders, while Cindy is in charge of the kitchen.  The children also help out when they can, taking orders and serving tables. As Giorgos takes care of the needs of the customers, together with the rest of the ‘team’, Cindy ensures that all the dishes leave the kitchen perfectly prepared and served, together with the other four kitchen staff members.

During the winter months, when the taverna is closed, Giorgos is a professional fisherman, catching fresh fish with his own boat, which he then sells either in the local fish market, on the nearby island of Hydra, or in the large Athens fish market. Two of our waiters also fish with Giorgos in the winter.

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