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Information About Poros :

Poros is a volcanic island, formed by the union of two smaller islands, Kalouria and bullets. Located a short distance from the Argolid and separated from the Peloponnese by a very narrow channel. Lovers of ancient culture will want to visit the few surviving ruins of the temple of Poseidon, located 5 km. outside the city of Poros, on the road to the Monastery of the Life Giving Source.

The sanctuary is, like so many ancient temples, the most beautiful part of the island. It  was the center of Kalaourianis Union, a maritime confederation were Hermione, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Aegina, Athens and Orchomenus. It was also a refuge for shipwrecked or criminal convicts. Here it is said that Demosthenes drank poison after condemned by his enemies. Built on the slopes of a small hill, the town of Poros has houses with blue windows and white walls so characteristic of Greek island architecture.

Swimmers will find charming small sandy beaches all along the road for the Shipyard, overgrown with pine trees that reach the sea. The approach to Poros by ferry is extremely picturesque. Crossing the mainland is easily accessible, with dozens of small boats, carrying constantly visitors from coast to coast. The visit to the Lemon Grove is one of the favorite trips of Galata.

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    Poros has something from Venice: Canal, Communication between the houses with boats, Luxury, Indolence, Sensual temptation, venue for distinguished international mistress ...

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