Poseidon Restaurant Poros

Our Menu

* Please inform us of any food allergies


  • Grilled talagani with homemade tomato jam
  • Saganaki cheese flavored with ouzo
  • Feta cheese wrapped in rustic fillo with honey and walnut kernels
  • Grilled halloumi cheese with fig jam
  • Zucchini fritters
  • Fried zucchini with tzatziki
  • Eggplant millefeuille with feta cheese mousse and shrimp powder
  • Grilled vegetables with balsamic sauce and parmesan flakes
  • Fava beans with fried capers
  • Fresh cut fries
Poseidon Restaurant Poros
  • Octopus with oil & vinegar
  • Marinated anchovies
  • Grilled sardine fillet
  • Salt cod donuts with homemade tomato jam
  • Crayfish with spicy mayo
  • Shrimp saganaki with tomato sauce and feta cheese
  • White shrimp saganaki with parmesan
  • Steamed mussels
  • Fried squids with tartar sauce
  • Fried anchovy
  • Fried baby shrimp

Homemade Spreads

  • Tzatziki
  • White “tarama” fish roe
  • “tirokafteri” spicy feta cheese spread
  • Eggplant salad


  • Greek salad with or without feta cheese
  • Fresh salad with zoodles, fresh mint, cherry tomatoes, tricolor peppers, Walnuts, peach dressing and “anevato” cream cheese
  • Spinach salad - cranberries, cashews, pear, “anevato” cheese and balsamic sauce
  • Mixed salad - Strawberries, raisins, pine nuts, pomegranate, croutons, gruyere flakes and honey sauce
  • Salmon Salad - mixed greens, avocado, cherry tomatoes and dill vinaigrette
Poseidon Restaurant Poros
  • Fisherman's salad - Mixed salads, crab crumbs, marinated shrimp, marinated eel, colorful cherry tomatoes and orange sauce
  • Quinoa salad - Avocado, colorful vegetables, baby rocket, cherry tomatoes and citrus vinaigrette
  • Tamarisk
  • Boiled Seasonal Greens
  • Boiled Zucchini
  • Mixed boiled vegetables - potato, zucchini, carrot and seasonal greens

Raw Marinated

  • Fresh sea urchin with green oil, lemon and edible flowers
  • Red mullet ceviche with fennel, green oil and lime
  • Seabass carpaccio with green oil, grated lime, squeezed lime and chives
  • Tuna carpaccio with citrus sauce, lime and fresh pepper
  • Octopus carpaccio with lime, chives, fresh pepper, fleur de sel and green oil
  • Tuna tartare with pickled cucumber, spring onion, lime zest, lime juice and fleur de sel on avocado
  • Tuna sashimi
  • Sea bream tartare with chili pepper, radish, pickled cucumber, spring onion, lime zest, lime juice and fleur de sel and sweet potato crispy chips


  • Cretan “skioufixta” pasta with chicken apaki, colorful peppers, tanturi and cream
  • Mediterranean spaghetti with red sauce, vegetables, capers, olives and herbs
  • Mushroom risotto with wild mushrooms and fresh truffle
  • Risotτο with fresh salmon, saffran, turmeric, soy sauce and sesame oil
  • Mussel risotto
  • The fisherman’s pasta with linguine, mussels, octopus, shrimp, squid and crayfish
  • Shrimp orzo with saffron
  • Shrimp linguine

From the sea

  • Fresh squid with mixed salad and mustard oil
  • Sea bream whole with boiled vegetables
  • Sea bream fillet with boiled vegetables
  • Grilled shrimp with salad garnish, lemon oil and tartar sauce
  • Sea bass fillet with beetroot purée and tamarisk
  • Grilled tuna fillet with tricolor quinoa and lemon oil
  • Fresh salmon fillet with black rice, broccoli and yogurt sauce
  • Lobster - choice of sauteed or grilled
  • Lobster linguini

From the grill

  • Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and mustard oil
  • Pork chop with fresh fried potatoes
  • Free range chicken breast (sous vide) with wild rice and mustard oil sauce
  • Beef burgers with fresh fried potatoes
  • Lamb chops with fresh fried potatoes
  • Beef fillet with fried baby potato, broccoli and demi-glace sauce
  • Rib-Eye beef (Uruguay) with fried baby potato, potato straw and demi-glace sauce

Greek Cuisine

  • Fish Soup
  • Imam Bayildi Εggplants stuffed with savory tomatoes, onions and spices,served with fried potatoes
  • Moyssaka Layered oven casserole dish made with eggplants, potatoes and minced meat topped up with a rich béchamel sauce
  • Greek lamb wrapped in parchment paper, served with potato purée

Kids Menu

  • Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and grated cheese
  • Orzo with pink sauce and herbs
  • Handmade fresh chicken nuggets with french fries and sauce
  • Beef burger with potatoes and ketchup


  • Traditional ekmek kataifi with pastry cream flavored with vanilla, whipped cream and pistachio
  • Double chocolate tarte-crispy chocolate cookie base, swiss chocolate cream, bisquit and milk chocolate mousse
  • Crème Brûlée flavored with Madagascar vanilla and crispy caramel
  • Panna cotta cream flavored with espresso arabica variety and raspberry coulis
  • Greek pistachio baklava with vanilla ice cream
  • Ice Cream per scoop
Poseidon Restaurant Poros

Wine list

Combine our dishes with an exceptional wine that you can find in our selective wine list designed by our sommelier with the best wines from different wineries of Greece.